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 meggy jr theory & design?
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By: Anonymous: zenkat () on Monday, June 01 2009 @ 10:35 PM PDT (Read 2723 times)  
Anonymous: zenkat

So ... say I was a reasonably bright software engineer with just enough understanding of electronics to make it out of college without actually learning anything useful. ;-)

Where would be the best place to start to understand the design of Meggy Jr? Sure, putting it together was fun ... but I want to know how it *works*. Better yet, I want to know how to buil^H^H^H^H design something like it myself.


By: flipperanubi (offline) on Tuesday, June 02 2009 @ 01:12 PM PDT  

My tactic was to get an STK500, and fry a few things.

My first AVR project was TV out. There are some simple (less than 6 parts) TV-ready DACs out there, and some advice on hooking them to an AVR/PIC. You do have to learn AVR assembly for that one, as good chunks of the code are very time critical, but it's not hard.

My first hardware project at all was a BIOS/cartridge replacement for an Atari 7800 so I could do some development on it. Involved a couple of 74xx chips for some simple bankswitching. Took me an evening to wirewrap, and once I proved it, I built a PCB for it. Hardly needed, but a good learning step.

Nothing terribly advanced, but it did teach me how to read a schematic and a datasheet, which was a good think at the day job when they handed me the schematic for a new board, some datasheets for the chips, and said, "Figure it out. We're busy, and we don't know if the board works."

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By: karlgg (offline) on Saturday, June 06 2009 @ 11:34 PM PDT  

One place to start digging for the Meggy details is the original project page, if you haven't read that yet. It has all the design files ready to download, you could even etch your own PCB and cut out your own handles with them if so inclined.

The library on Google Code includes the source, so you can rummage through that too - but some of that might be a little off-putting at first if you're unfamiliar (like the bits with interrupts).

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