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By: Anonymous: LanceR () on Friday, October 15 2010 @ 07:29 PM PDT (Read 1899 times)  
Anonymous: LanceR

I put everything together exactly as instructed. But when trying to control the motors (manually) no matter if I choose motor 1 or motor 2, only motor one starts movement, but it is malfunctioning, and only cycles back and forth slightly while making a very strange noise.

Any ideas? Is there a way to reset everything? I tried pushing the RST button, but that seemed to no effect on anything except for the pen raising/lowering mechanism, in that it did reset that one properly.

By: EmbeddedMan (offline) on Friday, October 15 2010 @ 07:53 PM PDT  

One problem you may have is that one (or more) of the wires from the stepper motors are not making solid contact with the screw terminals. You can unscrew each one in turn, then remove the wire, put it back in, then screw the screw terminal back down. Make sure that you can see some of the metal part of the wire (you won't want the insulation going into the screw terminal, because then good electrical contact might not be made) even when it's screwed down tight. Then, pull pretty hard on each wire. If it comes out, then the screw was not tightened enough. Also double check that the wire colors are exactly as the instructions say.


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By: Windell (offline) on Friday, October 15 2010 @ 10:39 PM PDT  

I have trouble believing that the RST button only affects the servo motors but not the stepper motors. That's effectively the "reboot" button-- it will affect *everything* on the board if it works at all.

Now, can you please describe *exactly* what you are seeing?

- Which motor is working?
- How is it malfunctioning?
- Is the back and forth movement occurring all the time, or just when you tell that motor to move?
- Is the motor that is moving back and forth the one that is "working" or the one that is "malfunctioning?"

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By: Anonymous: Bruce Shapiro () on Saturday, October 16 2010 @ 08:53 AM PDT  
Anonymous: Bruce Shapiro

Just an additional note:
When changing any wiring connections to the motors, it is best to be sure and uplug power to the circuit board. Also, make sure you *directly visualize* each wire going into the hole created by raising the little metal clamp (by loosening the screw), and that each wire gets securely clamped when you tighten its screw (tugging a must to prove this). BTW, though EmbeddedMan is titled "apprentice," I think we can trust his advice-- he created the EiBotBoard! Smile



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