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 Minor Font hack (Spinning clock)
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By: Anonymous: Kevin Osborn () on Monday, February 14 2011 @ 07:57 PM PST (Read 1723 times)  
Anonymous: Kevin Osborn

I just love these micro-readerboards. I started making one in preparation for a soldering project with 3 11 year olds. Now I want to make them for all my friends.

One thing that is interesting is how, if your attention wanders for just a second, you can lose the meaning of what's being displayed. I thought it would be cool to do a little animation to catch people's attention at the beginning. I thought a spinning clock would be cool, so I extended the font. There was already a "/", and by adding "\" "|" and "-" you can do a little spinner.

First add the following to the end of the Font table:

PHP Formatted Code
0x420,                                          //backward slash ('\') character.
0x4008,                                         //Dash('-') character.

Change or add one of the strings to include the sequence, for example:

PHP Formatted Code

const char StringA[] PROGMEM = "|/-\\|/-\\|/-\\|/-\\|/-\\|/-\\|  ";

Then after the lines that read:

PHP Formatted Code

                else if (buf[i] == '/')
                        FontWord = (uint16_t)pgm_read_word(&font_table[27]);


PHP Formatted Code

                else if (buf[i] == '\\')
                        FontWord = (uint16_t)pgm_read_word(&font_table[28]);
                else if (buf[i] == '-')
                        FontWord = (uint16_t)pgm_read_word(&font_table[29]);
                else if (buf[i] == '|')
                        FontWord = (uint16_t)pgm_read_word(&font_table[30]);


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