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 Why is print preparation so awfully slow?
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By: Anonymous: Klaus () on Friday, April 06 2012 @ 10:34 AM PDT (Read 926 times)  
Anonymous: Klaus

I'm using Inkscape on Mac with the eggbot, and generally it works fine, sa long as I stick to very simple shapes.

However, if I plot a simple function like sin(x), it keep churning literally for minutes (don't know how long, because I never was patient enough to wait for it...). What is Inkscape doing here? This looks like nothing that should keep any modern machine occupied for more than a few seconds, and although it uses only one processor of my machine, I can't think of any task that should take so long.

Any tips what to do in Inkscape to speed that up?

By: dnewman (offline) on Friday, April 06 2012 @ 10:44 AM PDT  

There's some overloaded terminology here. For example, plotting "sin(x)" can mean plotting a graph of it within Inkscape or it can mean sending your Inkscape drawing to the Eggbot for printing on the egg. Assuming you mean the latter -- printing on the egg -- the likely problem is that the SVG file which resulted from your sin(x) plot is enormous and is taking a very long time to process. Have you saved the SVG file to disk and looked at its size? I've seen some SVG drawing which you might think are simply but large amounts of processor time is expended parsing it, processing all the transformations in the SVG, and then searching through and finding the correct layers to draw on the egg.

Alternatively, you could be experiencing some other problem such as Inkscape forked off a Python process to run the Eggbot Control Extension but then something went wrong and Inkscape is now waiting forever on a broken pipe. (The Eggbot Control Extension dialog window is actually run by Inkscape. It's not until you click the "Apply" button that Inkscape then actually runs the Eggbot Control Extension code,, in a Python process it creates and then sends the SVG file to over a pipe.)


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By: Anonymous: Klaus () on Friday, April 06 2012 @ 10:56 AM PDT  
Anonymous: Klaus

To answer my own question...

For unknown reasons, curve smoothing was set to 0... which of course renders it totally useless - maybe such a value should raise a warning message...



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